Behind the

Your investment is guaranteed. Behind this project, are two leading Latin American Companies.


Spectrum a real estate developer with more than 26 years of experience

  • ● 3,000,000 ft2 of GLA (Commercial Gross Leasable Area)
  • ● +10,500 residential units delivereds
  • ● +2,500 residential units under construction and planning
  • ● Developer with the largest LEED square meters certified in Central America

Since our establishment in 1995, we have strived to create value through profitable projects that are sustainable in the long term through innovative real estate concepts that exceed client expectations and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. We are a company in constant growth committed to developing the Central American region and Colombia, developing successful businesses with the support of a talented team who believe in and practice our corporate values.

Leaders in sugar production in the Central American region and positioned among the ten most important producers in Latin America. The products participate in local and international markets, with over 40 export destinations, supplying food industries and refineries.


Spectrum is part of a larger group, The Pantaleon Group

  • ● +170 years since it was founded
  • ● +18,000 employees
  • ● Experience exporting products to 35 countries
  • ● Operations in Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, México, and USA

Master plan

Synergy Industrial Park is much more than warehouses, When you are here, you are part of a Grand Master Plan designed by EDSA, one of the world's leading industrial park designing firms.

Do more with less

We understand that your ultimate goal is to increase your productivity, operate as a low cost producer and distributor, work in an ecosystem that will foster synergies, reduce cost and improve the way we do business…in other words… do more with less.

Full of features

We have designed Synergy Industrial Park to be full of features that will give you and your business a leading edge you’ve never had before.

An industrial park integrated to a larger business plan that will improve your productivity

Industrial park (LEED campus certified)
Supermarket & convenience
Restaurants & entertainment
Universities & schools

About Synergy
Industrial Park

A well connected industrial park

Location, technology, workforce, convenience, and resources are at their best. The capital city is just 50 km away, and the Pacific port is only 30 km away. Supply of workforce is no problem; low cost of energy supply. Abundant and inexpensive water supply.

  • ● Location: easy access to main highways
  • ● Just 30 kms away from the pacific port
  • ● Just 50 kms aways from the main city of Guatemala
  • ● Easy access to man power
  • ● Energy supply
  • ● 2 circuits 69kV power lines
  • ● 1 circuit 13.2 kV power line
  • ● Water supply

Focus on your core

Forget about the usual operational, permits or legal hassle that come when starting operations in a new country. We will tackle every task for you. So you can focus on your core business, production, or distribution. Trough the services we provide, we help you focus on your core business: production and, or distribution.

  • Planning, design, construction
  • ● Legal support
  • ● Planning
  • ● Permits
  • ● Design & value engineering
  • ● Project management & construction Operations
  • ● Legal support
  • ● Recruiting & pre-screening
  • ● Training
  • ● Payroll & legal support
  • ● Taxes & accounting support


Warehouses for rent. Build or buy whenever you are ready. Take advantage of the cluster-oriented design. Synergy Industrial Park created everything to improve performance and profitability.

The choice is yours

  • ● Warehouses for rent
  • ● Build to suit
  • ● Efficient infrastructure that will help you increase productivity
  • ● ZDEEP cluster (tax benefits)
  • ● Non ZDEEP cluster
  • ● 29-89 (tax benefits)
  • ● First aid clinic
  • ● Cafeteria
  • ● Training & meeting rooms


Synergy is by far the most intelligent choice when starting operations in Guatemala. We look forward to discussing the details with you. Join us. The future is here.

Synergy at its best

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